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We will take a detailed look at the fiber and the overall picture it presents in the fleece.

While most everyone evaluates fleece initially using visual aspects, this seminar will take you a step closer into the fleece and learn to "See" what the fleece is telling you.

Using subjective techniques, we will learn how to identify tender fleece or damage to fleece from environmental factors. Let's take a look at the type of debris and vegetable matter present for possible tips on pasture management issues. What can we determine from the fleece's hand? Lock structure?

We will look at individual fibers and study their traits such as length, thickness and color. How about the characteristics of crimp, curl, spiral, strength, reflectivity?

Are these evaluations consistent across the entire fleece as it is skirted? Understand what the differences are from one area in the fleece to another, and how this effects the fleece overall.

This lively lecture includes a display of samples ranging from hay contaminants to bugs (deceased of course!). You will never look at a fleece the same again!!