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An all day presentation

A full day of fiber information covering a wide range of topics from production to processing will be presented. We start with looking at the fleece itself, evaluating the characteristics of lock, staple, crimp, hand, length and more.  You will learn to look at the overall picture the fleece presents and understand what it can tell you. From there we follow with fiber production and marketing.  I take you through the process of creating yarn step by step so you have a better understanding of the end product usage.   This portion of the presentation will provide information on the many options available for utilizing your fleece and gives an overview on what is happening in the North American fiber market today as well as discuss the future for the fiber industry. From there we review fiber testing methods and understanding histograms.   This information will help you understand what you are reading and how you can best utilize the information.  A discussion of the tests available and what is needed from you for accurate results is also covered.   We will then go into preparing your fleece for show or processing and go over the different options for competitions. Enjoy this full day of fiber which is sure to send you home with a new outlook on alpacas and what they produce.